Tuesday, April 26, 2011


The cut after the cut. Jake turned half of Naomi's head into a mullet. The other half was fine. A friend suggested I take my only daughter to "Famous Hair." And so I did as I was told. This is what happened. I guess that is what you get for taking your child into a place called, "Famous Hair." Lesson learned.
I will share with you three of my favorite comments I have received since this traumatic experience,
1. My friend and her girls hoped into our car to head to the Science Center. She glanced back. And then she glanced back again. In all seriousness she asked, "oh, what happened to her hair?" I told her. She told me that Jake actually did a better job. Apparently I should have left Jake's cut.
2. I took the kids to the hospital on Saturday to see their dad. One of the nurses came up to us asked about "the hair. " I told her I took her to a "salon" (I didn't tell her it was called "Famous Hair," I was too embarrassed. Her response, "you mean someone with a license cut that?"
3. I was walking around at my favorite new thrift shop yesterday looking through the racks of moderately used clothing. A lady turned onto our row and loudly asked, "oh, what...is that pixie cut back in again?"
I told her what happened and she kept pressing me. "Well, did your son get in trouble?" I was caught off guard. "Uh, yeah." "Well, don't worry about it honey. It will eventually grow back. The good news is, is that she is still young."
Is it seriously that bad?
I will never forget when our family was in New orleans when we were younger and my little brother, Joey, had a bull-cut. We were walking late at night and a guy walked past us and said, "nice helmet, kid."
Every time I see my baby girl, I always hear that same phrase in my mind.
"Nice helmet, kid."


Cassie and Mitch said...

It is definitely not that bad! Some people are so funny and don't think before they speak! I think of all three girls we know who cut their hair this year hers is the best :)


Like I said on Sunday, she is such a cute little girl that she can make it work!! :)It will grow back though,but I do understand how you feel, if that ever happens to Delaney (which I can totally see Wade as the culprit) I would freak!

The WALL Street Times said...

I love it. It isn't that bad. Also isn't it a bowl cut. Just saying. Maybe I am wrong??
Love ya

Orme Family said...

Ok, I was laughing pretty hard when I read and saw the story behind Naomi's hair. Now I am laughing even harder when I heard the "plant holder" story. We have a lot of people like that around our parts! You're right, it is awesome!!

The Aamodt Family said...

Jessie!!! She is so cute!! I can't believe some people!! I think she's as cute as can be;))). Congratulations to William this weekend!! I remember them just getting blessed!! Abbeys isn't until June! Good luck!!

nikki said...

I am laughing out loud!!! That is terrible and hilarious at the same time. Makes for a great story.

Christine Fotheringham said...

love it! made my day.:)