Sunday, July 3, 2011

When Daddy's not Home...

After our three day drive to our newest place called home, James flew back to Akron to finish up residency. I was left with the kids to unpack and entertain. BUT...before James and his brothers even left, (his two brothers flew in to help unload the truck. I didn't get ONE single picture. I think I was in a daze) My parents flew in to help me out.
So this is what you do when daddy's not home, Grandparents come in, and the unpacking is too overwhelming to finish... we take minor detours.

picnics on our front lawn

cub scout camp for Will

grandma and grandpa

Grandparents buying us pets. Wow! Do we sure love them.
This is Jake with his new Gecko.

And Will with his new pet Beta fish.

Waiting at verizon for grandpa to buy his new cell phone that went through the wash machine the very next day.

Daily walks in the gully behind our house with Grandma. Even in the rain.

Sprinkler and silly string Father's Day celebrations with our new neighbors and best friends

learning how to cut artichokes

reading in our new book nook

eating dinner at our new favorite restaurant, Noodles & Company

Swimming at our pools

and of course...working like crazy! Thanks mom and dad. We love you.

oh wait. My favorite part of my parents visit. My mom has been off Coke for 6 months. By the middle of their visit she turned to me in the car and said, "I may not make it without a Coke. This might be a time where I have to give in." At this point the kids are screaming in the car, we have been to three stores looking for unnecessary plastic objects to create storage space in the kids rooms and we were DONE!
But after all was said and done...SHE MADE IT! Not ONE Coke. Me, on the other hand, am up to two a day. It used to be one. But like my mom said, it's been a little rough.

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lynnette orme said...

It was wonderful and I miss being there. We are just two old gomers trying to be hip and nimble for our children. Can't wait to come visit the laboratory again. Mom

I must say, your home looked pretty good when we left. You did a great job.