Sunday, September 21, 2008


"Even Spiderman Has a Bad Day Every Once in a While"

I want to make a poster out of this and hang it in the Children's ER becasue James says that there are way too many accidents that could be prevented if kids wore their helmets. We are now Big proponents of Bike Safety.
The poster is going to say,
"Even Spiderman Wears a Helmet"


Anonymous said...

I miss you and cannot wait to see you! Love your guts!

lynnette orme said...

I have been waiting all day to see the pictures. We love our Spidermen. Wish I could be there to see the "boys" in action over conference. Sorry that NayNay did not get anything exciting. I love you all. Mom

Liz said...

GOOO Netty!!! Your boys are so cute. What would we all do without grandma's??? Love staying in touch with you through your blog bird...Loves

Sarah C said...

You should totally make that poster. Your boys look awesome in their spiderman outfits.