Sunday, September 14, 2008

You Know You're the Third Child When...

I love this kid. She has brought so much joy to our home over the last four months. I thought that it would be fun to share some changes that I have noticed in our parenting procedures now that we have been through it twice before.
You know you're the third child when...
1. Your dad shows up to the hospital AFTER your mother's water breaks. Someone had to stay home and watch the other kids.
2. Your dad can't come pick you up from the hospital until he finds your car seat somewhere in the garage. Upon finding your seat, he realizes that he will spend hours cleaning it while trying to get the smeall of urine and mildew out. Oh, and it's not your gender color...but it works.
3. You come home from the hospital to find out that you will be sharing a bedroom with your parents. No cute painted walls, no new bedding, and no princess decals on the walls.
4. I think it tooks months for us to leave the boys with a babysitter...even grandmas. By the end of your first week of life, you probably thought that grandma was actually your mom.
5. Your family decided to take a day trip to visit your cousins in Michigan. The car was packed, the doors were locked, the ignition was running. Right before your dad started driving away, mom asked, "Where's Naomi?" We went back inside to get you.
6. Pictured above: You have realized at four months of age that the jumperoo can actually double as a crib.
7. Pictured above: Your very first food was not American Academy of Pediatrics reccomended. However, it was delicious. Nothing better than to start out the world of solids than with a Hostess Cupcake. Yum!!!
8. And Best of All. You don't just have two people (mom and dad) to adore you. You actually have all four of us wrapped around your tiny little finger.
9. We love you Naomi. Thanks for being part of our family.


Debbi said...

I was laughing to hard when I got to the bottom of this post! I am number 5 and got left a church once, so at least Naomi was just inside your house and you hadn't left yet on your vacation!haha! I bet she absolutly loved that cupcake too! What a cutie!

eRiCa said...

I laughed so hard and bret did too when I read this to him. You are so funny! Loved the pictures.

Katie said...

How cute is Naomi? She is growing so fast. Naomi looks very loved.

The Allred Family said...

OK seriously, I think that yu should publish your blogs. I laugh and cry everytime I read them. I was dying at the Costco story. I could just picture it. I have done that at Walmart, but even more embarrassing b/c I was returning food. I love reading your blog. And Naomi is ADORABLE. She loks like Will! I am getting so excited for October!