Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I love my Smooch. Now, we all know why he has his nickname. Ever since he could eat, he refuses to eat off off his own plate. I mean, it used to be funny, and sometimes it still is, but sometimes, it's not. Some nights I choose to eat standing up, becasue I know if I sit down, Jake will get a huge grin on his face, jump, up, say, "I want momm'y's food," walk across the table and sit down right in front of my mouth...where I usually like to eat myself. Just thinking of that huge smile endears me to this spirited kid we call "smooch". Today was Smooch's first day of preschool. He did awesome. Since it was Jakey's Special day, he chose to make a Spiderman Cake to celebrate his first day of school. William helped him frost it. Note: Black Spiderman is laying caught in his own web. A very interesting thought.
Jake is my little boy who lives on the edge. By doing so, I also live on the edge. The edge of his edge. When watching Jake, one cannot sit down. There can be no sudden head turns, twists or tucks. A movement by the person in charge signals to his three-year old brain that he has a second of freedom...and you will pay. Jake's constant activity is a constant reminder to me to live every breath to the fullest. Life is too short to he makes sure that none of us do.
I will never forget when Smooch was running in the middle of the street in Iowa. I sternly went over to him and told him that he could not go past the curb. If he did, tabasco sauce was waiting for him. I went to sit down. I shouldn't have. There he was...teetering on the curb. He looked up at me and smiled. An innocent smile. There he went. He fumbled on the curb as he walked, and walked and walked. The curb was the line of tabasco sauce. He got as close as he could...and never got off.
As I think about my one and only Smooch, I cannot help but smile a great smile. He is the boy who wakes me up at night, refuses to let me eat a meal in peace, and walks through life on the curb. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for this little guy who has taught me that a beautiful, innocent and bright eyed grin can make anything and everything seem so wonderful.


Sarah C said...

You are such a good mom. I am glad he had a good first day of school.

Katie said...

Jessie, I love to read your blog. It cracks me up. Smooch is getting so big! How is life in Ohio? This is Katie Ericksen, not Allred

Tabatabaei family said...

great post jess. I love reading blog--truly good and entertaining stuff that makes me laugh and keeps me coming back for more. Your picture at the top is darling too--what good lookin' boys.