Monday, December 13, 2010

No School Day

Gingerbread Houses on Sunday

No School Day on Monday (SNOW DAY)
I walked in the boys room this morning and hollered,
"I have an announcement, I have an announcement"
Their sleepy eyes looked up at me in confusion.
I continued, "There will be NO SCHOOL today!"
Instantly, I saw a smile glazed over Jake's droopy lips and William turned toward his window, looked out at the blistery blizzard and lay back in his bed...
both happy with the world.

Jake MADE me make sugar cookies. I decided since it was "a kid's day" they could make them any way they wanted. Jake even pounded out the dough with his feet instead of the rolling pin. (Don't worry, I threw those one's away)
Then I put four bowls of frosting on the table and a tray of cookies. I left the room. I couldn't handle watching all the dripping, slipping and goobers. I told myself, "just leave the room, leave the room"
I returned to some beautiful cookies. None that we will probably deliver to neighbors, but they were sure proud of their creations.
Here's to a "NO SCHOOL DAY"


Natalie said...

60 degrees today in Denver --no snow- sunny and warm forecast for the next 3 days....but that does mean school for the Williams household.

Jenn and Josh said...

Wow, you are an awesome mom, to let the kids have at it in the kitchen making cookies however they want without your supervision, I am not sure I could have handled that, I would have had to be by their side, but that is why your cool and I am not :) glad everyone had a great snowday! I stayed in my bathrobe all day :)

The Allred Family said...

You are the best mom ever! I miss the heck outta you!