Saturday, October 30, 2010


All I can say is...I'm Glad it's OVER!

School Halloween Parade (I even got to be in it!)

Counting the Loot

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Third Note Found

This time it was hilarious. I found the note in William's backpack and asked if he gave it to Ms. Soujourner. He responded "No, because I didn't need to."
He explained to me that when he arrived at school and noticed that he hadn't done all of his homework, that he hurried and wrote this note. Then he told me,
"This note was my secret weapon. If she got mad at me, I would have gotten out my note and given it to her so I wouldn't get in trouble."
Little Stinker. Learning at a young age that girls like cute, apologetic notes. I wonder if he gets this from his dad. hmmm....

P.S. We are a little worried about Christmas this year. William has asked for his own home office. Including a desk and a laptop. And I thought legos were expensive.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Are YOU a Ty Guy?

This weekend we had the opportunity to travel to Indianapolis for the Down Syndrome Buddy Walk. Our little nephew Tyler was born with Down Syndrome 1 month before Naomi. And just so you know, after spending 10 minutes with him, you are going to want to take him home with you. He is the cutest kid you have ever seen. So, to sum it up, our team name was "Ty's Guys" and my brother and his kids tie died t-shirts for all of us. My parents flew in and one of my other brothers, his wife and their baby, Eliza, who was the littlest Ty Guy on our team, flew in as well. We all LOVED it!

These two are called Double Trouble. Best friends and cousins = a lot of craziness

Grandma is a Ty Guy

James is definitely a Ty Guy. Tyler was hilarious because he would snuggle up to you like this and let you hold him and then 5 minutes later jump down and want to be in charge and push the stroller.

We also had a rockin' Halloween party. Thanks to Grandma.

caramel apples

costume parade

a month ago Jake called Maddie and asked if she would be a princess because he was going to be a knight and protect her. These two are as cute as it gets.

james really was happy to be there. He is just trying to act tough.

Baby Eliza

These two watching a movie. Should we be worried about this early affection between cousins?

We love you Indiana!
Go Team Ty's Guys!

Monday, October 18, 2010


William woke up coughing and pale this morning. I decided to keep him home. James decided to send him.
9:00 A.M. The school called. William threw up all over the nurse's office. I guess I'll take in a Thank-You gift tomorrow for her cleaning the whole thing up.
I sat there in the nurse's office waiting for us to be released when I took William in my arms and squeezed him. "What do you think?" I asked.
He responded, "I don't think we should send our family members to school if they feel sick."
Naomi couldn't be more excited to have her brother home for the day. She was even excited about renting "How to Train a Dragon" from Redbox just so she could be with her brother.
I just sit on the floor next to him and told him that I was glad he was sick. Becasue I get to spend time with him all day today.
"I love my bug. I don't spend enough time with my bug. I really, really love my bug."
He leaned up from the couch and kissed my lips.
"Well, I love the Jessie."
Happy Sick Day!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


James had to run into work at the last minute. I was left to handle the kids... but I wanted to take William to Dick's. You know, the sporting goods store. So I took all of them. We rushed to the swim goggle section and tried a few pair on. William settled on the white and blue pair.
As I was rushing towards the cashier, my kids took off in another direction. I heard them rough housing and goofing around. As I was heading towards them, I overheard a guy say, "there are kids over there goofing off. just stay by me." It was obvious he didn't want his soon to be star athlete son goofing off with "those" kids. I couldn't resist.
I backed up and caught that guy in his tracks. I glanced at him. Then made eye contact. Seriously good eye contact. It seemed like forever. I wasn't about to look away. He was shocked. He knew I heard him. It wasn't just what he said, it was the way he said it. I smiled. He didn't. Of course his kid wasn't goofing off. Probably because the mom was at home taking care of the others while he had this "I'm such a great father taking my kid to Dick's" thing going on. Sorry, Sir. But I'm an even better mom because I brought all of my kids with me. So don't mess with me. I could feel the tension and he finally walked away. I was satisfied. We bought the goggles.
P.S. You can't tell that I am insecure and bitter, can you?

Friday, October 15, 2010


So I got a deal. $15 for a wash, cut, style and manicure at the Beauty school. I excitedly booked my appointment for this morning so James could watch the baby. Funny how she is two and I still call her baby.
I drove 40 minutes to my hair deal. A bustling salon. A great, new student called my name. Tight black leggings with a tight black t-shirt. Her dyed black hair.
3 hours later I was still there.
My back was wet because she didn't really know how to wash hair quite yet.
She lives her with boyfriend and they are not getting married until she gets a huge ring.
She told me that she was going to do an awesome job becasue it sounded like I was a kick -a** mom. (the only thing I told her was that I stayed at home and I had three kids)
But she told me that she wished her mom would have stayed home with her. So I guess that's where I got the kick-a** mom award from.
She asked if my husband and I still have a little "you know" in our marriage.
I re-assured that that we still got it "goin on".
She seemed pleased.
She asked if I get to watch "soaps" all day because I stay home.
I actually didn't even know where to start on that one.
I told her I was raised in Utah.
"oh, so you're grunge?"
I asked her to explain.
Apparently Utah is known for being grunge and having dang good coffee.
She said she heard it was because "there is like this really repressive religion and stuff and people want to rebel."
I was actually so tired from sitting in that chair for three hours that I couldn't even tell her that I was one of them "repressive religion people that make people drink coffee and wear flannel shirts."
My head felt like it was on fire because she was pulling that round brush so dang tight I nearly had to take two tylenol to take the edge off.

I didn't have time for the manicure because after three hours I had to get back to pick up my kids from school.
Then she finally came clean.
"I am so glad I got you because I was really, really nervous. "You were my first chick hair cut. I cut my dad's hair, but your my first girl."
I figured.
She had only told me about twenty times during our three hour friendship that she was really, really nervous.
I was also a little suspicious when she asked her supervisor when she should deep condition my hair. Before or after the cut.
She actually did a great job. I told her many times. We really were good friends by the end of our ordeal.
Way to go friend! Your first chick haircut down!

Monday, October 4, 2010

My Daughter, My Joy

Tonight for her story Naomi chose this book called, "My Daughter, My Joy." My mom gave me this book many years ago and it is full of various pictures, stories and quotes about mothers and daughters. Not exactly the bedtime story 2-year-olds listen to. I aksed her if she was sure and she nodded. As she lay her head back in my arms, we rocked back and forth in the rocker my parents gave me many, many, many Christmases ago. Even before I became a mother...or a wife.
As we flipped through the pages, I read different uninteresting to a 2-year-old quotes but she listened quietly. As if she could tell I was enjoying myself. She rested her blonde head on my arm and looked at me as I read this quote:
"Dear Daughter. Take my love with you now and into the time that I will never know. It is as much a part of you as breath. Or your identity."
I felt tears in my eyes. I will always be a part of her...even when I am gone. Just as my mom is still a part of me. When we are so many miles apart.
As I pulled her cov-covs up to her chin, I leaned down and kissed her forehead. "Are you my daughter?," I asked.
"daughter," she answered.
My daughter, My joy.

Conference Weekend BUST

For a little while, William found an encyclopedia and opened it up. He read it. And then wrote about it. Go figure.

Naomi dressed up as Spiderman

and Jake actually watched. For a minute.

I have been looking forward to Conference weekend for WEEKS now. My 2 favorite Sundays of the year. James was working all night Saturday and got home Sunday morning just in time for us to welcome him home in our jammies and when marched up to bed. It was going to be a Team Mom Conference Sunday.
At first I was uptight about keeping the kids quiet so james could sleep. A few ummm, minutes later I decided to forget that and just worry about listening to conference amidst my adorable children.
Jake started the day off with diarrhea running down his leg. I cleaned up the bathroom, the playroom floor and took him up for a unplanned bath.
I put Naomi to sleep and with a sigh of relief, I went downstairs to listen to the inspiring messages meant just for me. Twenty minutes later I hear Naomi pounding on her door. I guess there will be no nap today. I sent the boys up to unlock her door. (yes. by the third child you no longer feel an emotional need to keep the door UN-locked. I lock it any chance I get). Next I hear, "Ewww...there's poop all over."
Apparently Naomi took off her diaper. Probably the reason she wasn't asleep. By now I had missed quite a bit of conference and sat my little self down on the light blue carpet and picked up the mess.
I returned to the couch with three kids this time.
William got put in his room twice for calling his brother an "idiot." Thanks to Diary of a Wimpy Kid" for the new lingo.
As I was trying to watch the inspiring talks, the boys pulled all of James' $400 medical books from the shelf and started playing the "drums" with pick-up sticks. The music they played was beautiful. Thanks to Jake's bowel issues, their songs were all about diarrhea.
I turned the volume up to drown out their beautiful melody. It didn't work.
I walked into the kitchen and saw my plastic white garbage can. Naomi must have started scribbling the black on it, and then William topped it off with this wonderful message. Oh, well. There was no punishment for this. I mean, they left me a love message. Granted, it was on my garbage can, but hey, with a 7, 5, and 2 year old, what do you expect?
I love you, too.