Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I will never forget when the nurse brought Jake to me in the hospital in Des Moines, Iowa. "You have a congested little boy," she noted. I didn't know at that time how true this early phrophesy would become. Jake was never able to use a binky because he was too congested to keep something in his mouth. His mouth had to be his main breathing source. Not having something to comfort him, I tried in vain going through everything I could think of. Finally, at an end aisle in a Wal-Mart, I spotted a super cuddly fleece blanket with a Thomas the Train on it. I half expected Will to use it because of the idolized train. However, just as I had hoped, Jake immediately attatched to it. It was fairly large for such a small baby boy and while my parents were visiting me after Jakes first surgery, I told my parents of my concren when I would find Jake in his crib wrapped around in this big blankey. My mom took the scissors, cut the blanket in haf, and lovingly sewed the cut ends to make a finished edge. From this day on, "Linus" (we named it after the Charlie Brown character who carries his blanket with him everywhere) has truly become part of our family.
Linus has been with Jake as he has undergone surgeries to help and ease his congestion and sleep apnea. Linus had comforted our precious little boy when even the touch of a mother could not soothe a sad little boy. Linus has been on every single airplane that Jake has ever been on. Linus has seen much of the world through the eyes of his most trusted friend. Linus has been left places and has been lost but seems to always found his way back into the arms of our loving Jakey. They are true friends and I will ever be grateful for the touch of that worn out blankey that seems to always make everything all better in the world of our now brave little three-year-old.


Debbi said...

We have 2 linus's at our house. I hope we have a girl linus too. We love blankies, they hardly ever have to be taken away. I love the picture. That picture below with the spiderman costumes under their clothes cracks me up!

Liz said...

I love the "LInus"s too, we have a blanky for Jack, and a monkey for Char. They soothe them like no other. Jakey is so precious.
Don't you wish we had "Linus"s, too!? I think mine would be caffeine...it just kinda "gets me thru" stuff!
Missing you! Boyer.

M & S Eagar said...

What a sweet thing. I must admit I still prefer to sleep with a blanket and find great comfort in one.

Hey also - I forgot to tell you that you get an extra 35 weekly points on WW. Also - you earn more daily points for exercising.

bonniejean22 said...

Jessie, I didn't know you had a blog? Your little girl is so precious. Hope you are all doing well.

Ed & Natasha said...

Jesse!!! YEA!! I have been thinking of you lately, wondering how you are doing, I am so glad Brenda found me and that led me to you. I am so happy to see that everyone is doing well! Yea, I found Jesse! (Very excited)