Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

William and Leah. The are super cute friends and carpool buddies.

William, Leah and Jackson. But, wait, where's Jake?

Way to go #14. My Bugaboo

Jake quit soccer. So he spent the whole game like this. What's $40 anyway?
He won't even wear the yellow shirt.

Naomi spent the whole game like this. Between my friend and I, we probably dressed her 10 different times.

Mother's Day
It's not even half over.
But it's been so exciting I wanted to write down every detail as it is fresh in my mind.
James woke me up at 6:00 A.M. and kissed me goodbye. I'll see him tomorrow afternoon sometime.
I slept in. We were 10 minutes late for church.
I left the house a mess. Bowls of cereal still on the table. Cinnamon roll frosting smeared all over.
Did I mention it was Mother's Day?
Naomi didn't want to sit with me.
She kept calling my best friend mommy and sat on her lap.
My friend already has three kids of her own. I thought about going to retrieve my daughter but I didn't want to deal with the screaming of taking her away from her "pseudo-mommy" so I made an executive decision. I let my friend deal with her.
The Primary children were than called up to sing the Mother's Day song.
Jake and William looked so cute. Matching in their dress shirts and ties.
Until Jake started strangling his brother from the stand.
Neither of them were singing. Jake just put both of his arms around Williams head to stop him from singing. William kept trying to whack them away.
Luckily, they only bulldozed two other children in the choir.
I was getting off my seat in the very back of the chapel to go and retrieve my disruptive boys...
(it was that bad) until another adult stood up and pulled them apart and continued to
stand by them.
On the way back to sit with me, Jake was tripped and fell flat on his face.
Naomi kept clinging to my friend calling her "mommy."
Later, Naomi had to be removed from Nursery. She was a hazard.
Her yelling, hitting and kicking the teacher landed her in a room by herself.
I just wanted to let you all know from my heart to yours,
Happy Mother's Day.


Becky said...

It takes a great mother to treasure even crazy days like your day today! I love how you always put your kids first and you don't worry about what people think. You are truly one of the most loving mothers I know. I hope you find a few minutes to relax between headlocks! Love you!

M & S Eagar said...

We are laughing to the point of tears at our house. We love you. Hang in there. We quite enjoyed the William and Jake show this morning. It made me smile. :)

the Smedley's said...

It makes me sad I was here at home and not at church to see all the fun! I love how you describe the details of life! I choose to keep my snot nosed child home so that I could give other Mother's a Happy Mother's Day by not sharing our icky germs with there little children =) Sounds like our days were similar. I spent Mother's Day alone with the kiddos as well. I drank 2 diet cokes to wish myself a Happy Mother's Day. I hope you had a couple yourself! Happy Mother's Day to one of the most loving mother's I know!

The WALL Street Times said...

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Have a fabulous rest of your mother's day. Mine started off well until we decided to take the boys on a bike ride. Let's just say that after at least 5 warnings to Cole to stop torturing his brother, Cole ended up running into him and then over him. Jack is covered in scrapes and even an imprint of this spokes in his shoulder. I love Mother's Day.

Julie said...

Don't worry about today especially Nursery- Naomi is so much and we love her!!! We love all of you guys!! I have felt i lost mother of the year award this year- but then remember I never had a chance!!! What I have learned this week is to be thankful for even the craziest of times because there will come a point we will miss it!!!! Love you, and Happy Mother's Day!!!!

David and Rachel said...

Oh Jessie. Don't you worry. Your little girl most certainly knows who her mommy is, but I am always willing to let her sit on my lap or hold her if it makes her happy for the time being and especially if it makes life easier for you. I love you guys and I am so very happy that you are moving to the place that you wanted to go to, but I will definitely be sad when I will no longer be able to walk on over to the Ford's house. Happy Mother's Day friend!

Jenn and Josh said...

Happy Mother's day Jessie! You are a great mom, never forget that! To be honest, I had my husband home today and he didn't even have meetings before and after church like he does every week and I still had that kind of day. I didn't even notice the boys or Scout doing that stuff in church today, Wade screamed and acted crazy the whole time and kept going back and forth between Josh and I and then Justin started, I didn't even to get to pay attention or hear anything, so I never noticed...Isn't it wearing on us as mother's to have days like these...and it didn't get any better when we got home...Just think though, it is hard now but they grow so fast and it will only seem like a short time and then we will be missing them...keep up the good work and we love you!

Anonymous said...

Ha! I SERIOUSLY LOVE your blog! Your kids are hilarious.

Happy Mother's Day to you!!!

Sarah said...

I actually enjoyed the Jake and William show :) What I want to know is, who thought it would be a good idea to have all those kids stay up on stage for so long?? Anyway, I think you're a great mom! Happy Mother's Day!

Romney's said...

Bird - I'm happy to hear that she is a true Orme! I still remember Joey out front buck naked on more than one occasion!

Christine Fotheringham said...

Did I tell you every time Nate reads your blog he says, "She should write a book." We love you Bird. Come see us soon!