Monday, August 23, 2010


James' sister lives in Washington D.C. Oh, how we love our families! An EXCELLENT weekend. A bit too short. But fun nonetheless.

Stacy got us a hotel with a pool. Sweet! I was in heaven. I made James, and ONLY James swim with the kids. I told him that I have been doing it all summer without him, so he could handle it for 45 minutes without me. It was amazing. I sat on a lounge chair and smiled. Perfect!

We love D.C. It had a Noodles and Company. We went twice. For dinner both nights we were there. We did some serious damage to that Mac and Cheese. We showed each bowl who was boss.
This is Stacy with her boyfriend, or friend who is a boy, we are not exactly sure, but he was awesome whatever he is. He even drove the mini-van around D.C. all night and showed us the sights. William said, "this is the best tour of Washington D.C I have ever had." (not to hurt the boyfriend or the friend who is a boy's feelings, but it was Williams only tour of D.C.) But is was EXCELLENT!

EVERYBODY wants a piece of Aunt Stacy. It made it easy for James and I to get a piece of each other. ha ha ha.

Let's not forget the 14 hours of driving in three days. We loved every minute of it. James just about lost it on the drive home, but we all managed.

Air and Space Museum

William deep in thought at something important. I'm not quite sure what it was. I wasn't as interested as he was. That's how it is. I am pretty sure he is smarter than I am.

Paper airplane contest at Air and Space.

The castle. Mooch is so protective of Nomers. I love it.

$3 ice cream bars. That makes a total of $9. It is OBVIOUS that Aunt Stacy was with us. Thier parents would have NEVER. We might have let them share 1. Oh, and Williams hand is, well, where it always is.

typical Aunt Stacy. We miss her already.

She sent us off with IHOP. James was in heaven.
Goodbye D.C. Until next time. We love you Aunt Stacy!


Liz B.B. said...

oh i love it. DC looks fun, but even more fun that you got away with james AND kids. i totally know what you mean about the pool. with sid around, i never touch the water!
okay that bake sale is fantastic. that's lots of effort on the MOM! kill me.
you are great. i love seeing a peak into your life.
good luck with this new school year!?!?!? keep me posted...

allison said...

Jessie thanks for the laugh. I love reading your posts. I haven't been blogging lately so I am a little behind but I just read a few of your and had a great laugh because you say it just how it is and I can relate so much.
Hope you guys are doing good.

Jenn and Josh said...

Looks like such an awesome time and I am glad you and James got some time together too! Stacy looks like one fun/radical Aunt..The pics are so cute as always, you are so good about taking pictures of things you do, I so need to be better at it..