Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I love the Mooch

William, Jake and Naomi have all been in the other room completely laughing their heads off. Apparently, there was this certain part of Cyber Chase ( a show on pbs kids) that was so hysterically funny, that William kept rewinding it on the DVR.
Jake just came in to see me. His pants were in his hands. His bum was naked. He was still laughing his head off.
"mom, I just saw the funniest thing in my whole life and I wet my pants."
And than THAT was so funny, that he kept laughing. and laughing. and laughing.

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The WALL Street Times said...

Way to go WILLIAM!!!. You are getting so big and brave. I am glad you were patient and tried again the next day. It takes a lot of courage to try things again when you have trouble with it. You are awesome. I also really love your picture in the photo with Jake. Tell your mom that she is not allowed to embarrass you with that when you are getting married.
Aunt Linds