Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Cat

So, we have this GREAT neighbor. You know, one of those really, really, really nice people? Well, she is not only really nice to people, she is also REALLY nice to animals. Recently, she seems to be becoming "the cat lady." Rescuing cats from irresponsible owners, using her own money to buy cat supplies for other peoples cats, neutering these creatures, and paying a cat rescue lady to take them off her hands.
Last Friday night I get a call. "Jessie. This is Josh. (her husband) Joanna found another cat and we can't get a hold of her owner. We are leaving out of town in a couple hours..." You get the point. How could I possibly say no?
I don't know a darn thing about cats. They brought over a box, kitty litter and food. James actually wanted to keep her. After kicking the cat off of our bed 100 times the night before, I happily tracked down the rightful owner and dropped the little kitty off.
Then I washed all sheets.

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Sarah said...

yuck, i hate cats! that was nice of you to watch it though :)