Thursday, September 30, 2010

Another Note Found

I love this kid. His 7 year old handwriting gets me all the time. There is just something surreal to think that your child is starting to handle his own problems and mistakes. Is he really old enough? Yup. I guess he is.
I love you bugaboo.
p.s. My favorite part is the little tiny "r" squeezed between the "n" and the "u" for "Ms. Soujourner." I can just see him saying, "oh shoot, I forgot the "r".

Can I get just ONE GENE?

O.K. So when I was younger my mom signed me up for dance with some neighborhood friends. I am pretty sure the instructors asked her not to sign me up for the second session because I have always wondered why my friends kept dancing and I didn't.
I didn't like it anyway...jerks.
So now, meet my 2 year old. Dancing Queen. Again, along with my boys, she takes after her dad's side of the family. Can I please just get ONE GENE!

Yesterday, William actually told me that he likes soccer. WoW. Of course, he still likes legos and Diary of a Wimpy kid way more...but hey, it's a "likes".
Jake isn't sure what he likes. But he does like his sister and tells her how beautiful she is at dancing.
As long as they love their mother and gives me hugs and kisses everyday, I guess I'll count my blessings. Whatever they "likes".

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Babes

I am sooo excited I got this picture. One of our favorite things is when Namoi starts "sulking". It is the best. And the best part about it, is that if you don't respond to her "sulking", she'll just keep sulking. I absolutely love it. In this picture she is sulking because she doesn't want her picture taken. Our favorite was when she was acting like a kitty and we told her "no, kitty" and she stayed on all fours and purred out of the room like an insulted animal with her little kitty head hung down. She crawled so slowly and sadly that we couldn't resist laughing in her moment of despair.
p.s. I was taking pictures because she never lets me do her hair. That'll teach me to take pictures next time she lets me do her hair.

I'm Lonely (no, not me. well, actually I am too)

The other day I dropped the kids off at school. The drop off line is kindof ummmm, strict. You have about 36.3 seconds until they start getting a bit cranky with you. That morning, they definitely got a bit cranky with me. Jake wouldn't get out of the car. I turned around to see this sad little face. He looked so cute and innocent, of course, I melted. Upon my asking what was wrong, I got this response, "I just feel so lonely when I 'm at school." I reminded him of his three thousand friends that he has and he replied, "I just feel lonely when I'm not with you."
Oh, Mooch, if you only knew. If you only knew that there is nothing in the world that makes me feel more lonely than being apart from you. And nothing makes me feel better than looking in your eyes. My favorite time of know what it is. That ginormous jump hug as you come running towards me from that school at the end of the day. And suddenly, neither of us are lonely anymore.


Halloween Preview

Well, not really. What we are REALLY being is a surprise.

But I must say, Jake is one scary something or whatever, and Scout fits into that size 6 boys T-rex costume pretty good. With some help from her dad, of course.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Monkey see...Monkey do, my bugaboo

This Second Grade homework is doing our family in. Holy Smokes. The other day we had to wake up early just to finish William's spelling practice test. I hurriedly gave him the words and watched him pencil the correct spelling in his bestest handwriting. By the end of the "practice test" I noticed the instructions said, "please write spelling words in ABC order." I noticed first and was praying William wouldn't notice. He did! He let out a huge moan and we just didn't have time to erase the whole dang page and start over, so I re-assured him that I would write a note to his teacher and explain what happened. My note stated,
"Dear Ms. Soujourner, I just gave William the spelling test and after we were done I noticed the ABC instructions. I am so sorry. It is my fault. Thank you, Jessica Ford."
A couple nights ago William forgot his planner at school. Oh, well. Life goes on.
The next day I picked him up from school and the first thing he told me in a quivering voice was
"mom, I got on yellow today." (yellow is a warning on the color wheel. p.s. I HATE the color wheel) He explained to me that it was because he left his planner at school and he forgot to do one of his homework assignments.
After going through his backpack, I was looking through his five million worksheets of homework and I came across the cutest note that I have ever seen.
It said, (the exact spelling) in the pencil writing that I love.
"Dear Ms. Sojurner, I forgot To bring my planer home so I coud not do it sorry it is my fuolt."

Monkey see, Monkey do. I love, absolutely love my big bugaboo.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I've got it...

I picked the kids up from school as usual. William, Jake and Leah (our carpool buddy). I let them play on the playground and get "their energies out". I noticed Jake and his best friend Xander wrestling over by the side of the building. They were laughing. I let them wrestle. Xander's mom wasn't concerned either. I looked over again and again. They were wrestling for quite a while and it got pretty intense. But again, they were laughing. All the the sudden I see a mom get up off of her bench and clap her hands very loudly. You know, that clap you do when you really want to get somebody's attention. She continued, "Gentlemen, gentlemen, what are you doing?" And then she said something like, "we do not behave that way." By this point I had started walking to the scene and told the lady, "hey, I've got this. These kids are mine." She kindof got defensive and said, "did you see what they were doing? Doesn't that bother you?" I responded, "No, they were just playing. They are having fun. They're fine" She looked at me in disbelief and stomped off. Jake was now huddled close to the building thinking that he was going to get in trouble. Oh, brother. I felt like yelling, "Do you know how hard it is for this kid to sit in that classroom for six hours a day? He is doing great. GREAT! He's FIVE! And all he is doing is burning off all of that pent up "energies" that he has collected from all of that hard learning. Do you even know how hard it is to learn how to read? That is hard business!
Anyway, it was pretty funny. And honestly, thanks to parents who break up fights. I actually really do appreciate it. Next time, just make sure it's a fight....oh, and make sure the parent can't hear you yelling at their kid either.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


If your little princess has a desire to be a kitty cat this Halloween, please DO NOT type in Kitty Cat costume in your search engine. WoW! I indeed found many, MaNy Halloween costumes suited for ummmm, someone. Maybe we will be a fish instead. She does like the Nemo costume we already have. We will see.

Monday, September 6, 2010

In a Nutshell...

A short list of my very long weekend:
1. Saturday morning as I was feverishly trying to do a little "getting my house ready to put on the market" William decided to take every single piece of paper in the house, every single plastic cup and a roll of packing tape to concoct numerous floating vessels. He proceeded to the bathroom tub to experiment. Which boats had the most buoyancy. During this time I was thinking about what a great mom I am, I mean, I was letting him use his imagination and brain power to the extent where I didn't intervene ONCE to tell him NO. I just thought about how creative and imaginative my little boy was. How proud.
Until I heard a strange sound coming from the kitchen. A puddle of water. Streaming from a rather large crack in the kitchen ceiling. I ran upstairs. The bathroom was basically flooded. And the kitchen sits right underneath the experimental boat dock. Sweet. Now I will add "fix kitchen ceiling to my list of "getting our house ready to sell." But hey, William had a great morning!

2. I decided we all needed a break from our house after the ceiling incident. Considering that I personally was ready to "take a hike," I decided that that was exactly what we should do.

Again, what a great mom I am, I thought. We set off on a 1.2 mile hike. Wow, that fresh air sure felt great. Until William had a breakdown. Apparently Jake had taken a step ahead of him. Apparently William wanted to be the leader of the hike. It took about 20 minutes for everyone to forget about who was the leader of the hike.

3. Oh, let's not forget the cat in heat. Yeah, that's right. My princess. She has been meowing constantly. Oftentimes on all fours. It's actually a pretty good system she has worked out. She has quite a few different meow tones. "meeeeoWWWW,' for angry kitty, "meeeoooowww," for nice kitty, "MEOW" for you're not listening to me kitty, and MeOWwmeowMeOw with her paw reaching for the I want a cookie kitty. I've got it down.

The next day.

4. Church was a complete nightmare. I left Sacrament meeting with three incredibly insane children. At one point I was sitting in a small room, eyes glazed over, exhausted, wondering why in the world my husband chose his beloved profession, watching three nicely dressed children in a huge huddled mass of wrestling on the floor. I remember clearly thinking, "how in the world did I get to this place?" I would probably still be sitting there in a state of incoherence had not another mother of severely disruptive children barged into the room, took one look at the situation and burst into laughter. I cracked. I started laughing too.

So today we decided to take another hike. Why not?

And how can we forget the haircut incident. After today, I think he has finally succumb to the idea that we may be paying $15 a month for his haircut. I think it might really cut down on his stress load. This just proves how incredibly exhausted he is.
So he first cut the big square shaped divot, and than tried for another 30 minutes trying to fix the divot. Success? You dicide. I actually think he is a little nervous to report to the PICU tomorrow at 6:00 A.M. At least he's just a resident.

And than I pulled out some new jammies. They are their Fall jammies. Their Goodbye to Summer jammies. They are their Thank goodness for school jammies. Sleep tight my young ones.

Goodbye Labor Day weekend.

Friday, September 3, 2010


K2 stands for where we are this year. K=Kindergarten, 2=Second Grade.

Jake is of course, in his "blues." Blue Shirt and Blue Shorts. "They Match". Today I made him wear a red shirt (oh, and all his shirts are Long Sleeve even though it is 500 degrees outside) and he asked if I could go buy him some red shorts to match. Sorry Kid.
William sported a light blue shirt. I actually really like having school uniforms. It is sooo easy. Oh yeah. And big news. At the start of Kindergarten, we told Jake it was against the Kindergarten rules to not wear underwear, so for the first time in about 18 months, Jake is wearing underroos! Yipee!

oh yeah, and I had to pack Naomi a lunch too. Of course.

Naomi had to be in every picture. It is so nice to have a daughter that never lets you forget that she is in your family. Thanks Babes.

So, actually not so sad this year. I mean, Jake was more than ready to face the world, William a little hesitant, and mom and Nomers, well, we were just us, I guess.
Of course, being Ford's, we were a tad late the first day. But we made it. We took William to class first and he seemed fairly hesitant. He turned to me a few times to make sure we were still there. After he found his seat, we kissed him and went off to Jake's room. Down the Hall. Jake walked in fairly confidant. So was I. We kissed, and he went to find a seat. But I grabbed him and kissed him again. He just looked so cute in his "blues."

The day went on. After spending $200 at Costco and feeling sick to my stomach, it was time to brace the heat and head to school. William is now so big that he no longer comes out the side of the building with the younger grades. He files through the front doors with all the big kids, bullies, and who knows who. I couldn't watch him. I looked for him through the crowded playground and saw my little boy running at full speed through the crowd. I stuck my arms up in the air as far as I could reach and called to that little critter. He caught my eyes and ran right into my arms. He was safe.
Next we looked for the Mooch. His class must have been having a great time becasue it seemed like FOREVER for them to come out. I finally saw his teacher emerge from the doorway and than saw my middle child huddled together with his class wiaitng for parents to come and retrieve their little people. I walked slowly up behind him and wrapped my arms around his waist and let out a "boo." He turned around as fast as he could, wrapped his little blue long sleeves around my neck and I kissed him all over. He was grinning from ear to ear. I could tell, at that moment, that this may just be a good year afterall.

It's been three days.
This morning I caught myself pulling into Circle K to retrieve my $.63 Coca Cola fountain drink. As I looked back at my little princess smiling in the back, I found myself saying in my mind, "please Heavenly Father, please watch over my precious babies at school."
With my continuous prayer running through my mind, my Coke in my hand and my baby in the back, I sped down the street to go spend some of daddy's money. This was going to be a GREAT year.