Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Boys

...are cracking me up.
After I came home from my weekend away, I was telling my kids how grateful I was to be home because I have the best kids and daddy in the whole wide world.
William's response:
"and you forgot to say that one of your kids is the best dang-lego builder in the whole wide world"
He has also been talking non-stop about how rich he is going to be when he grows up. Tell your kids to step back...because William is going to be richer than all of them.
I am trying to tell him that being rich isn't always a good thing, and the most important thing is to follow Heavenly Father's commandments.
William's response:
"Well who says I can't be rich and make good choices."

The other day at soccer practice Jake was seen off the field...running away...somewhere...not with a soccer ball.
I tried numerous times to coerce him back on the field.
Whenever I got him back on the field, the next moment I turned my head he was off again.
I decided to ask him what was going on.
Jake's response:
"Well, mom. I guess I'm just not a soccer player."
Are you serious kid? Do you love me? Do you love me?
If you love me you are going to play soccer. And in the words of your brother, you are going to be dang good at it, too.
I love my boys.
Rich,non-soccer players.


Ashley and Joey said...

oh can hear their little voices say it all. hilarious!

The Aamodt Family said...

I think William may be right!! He is so "dang" smart!! I love that Jake was running away!! That is the best!! Just so you know....we signed Abbey up for soccer and she has not played in one game yet....we make all the practices but not the games....I am sure the coach loves us. Happy birthday to William this week!!

lynnette orme said...

And you all are the best dang family and we love and miss you all. They can be rish soccer players and hit all the bases.
Self confidence is the best--what a gift.I wish I could watch William and Jake on the field. Love, Nettie and Geoff