Thursday, March 25, 2010

Aunt Stacey

Hooray for Aunt Stacey! We ALWAYS love our visitors.

Aunt Stacey brings an enormous amount of energy with her when she comes. She also sent the kids on an Easter egg hunt. They absolutely LOVED it!

My favorite Aunt Stacey moment:
Naomi wasn't feeling great while Stacey was visiting. Naomi just wanted to be held. I was holding Naomi as she was crying and screaming. I needed to go pick up the pizza for dinner. I asked Naomi if she wanted to come with me or stay home with Aunt Stacey and the boys. Stacey jumped in.
"I'm sure she would rather go with you, but you can leave her here if you want and I can try to distract her."
I laughed. Naomi can surge energy fairly quickly. I carried my crying baby into the car and gave our poor visitor some needed peace.
We hope you soon recover from all of the Ford excitement and come back soon!

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