Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The NEW James

James and some other doctors at the hospital decided to have a beard growing contest. And lo and are looking at the WINNER!
When I asked what his prize was, his simple reply was "my manliness"

I know he looks kindof greasy and gross (he had been working for 24 hours and had just gotten home when he took this picture.) But, honestly, really, I thought he looked SOOO HOT! I love facial hair. Every year on my birthday he grows out his scruff. It gets me every time.

He thought this was funny...but this really was gross. It looks like his mug shot.

He told me this is his Blue Steele. Whatever that is. I don't even know, but he thought it was really funny. Go figure.
Naomi loved her dad's beard. There was a friend magazine lying around the house and Naomi kept pointing to the picture of Moses with his long beard and kept saying, dada, dada.
But, alas. The beard is gone. He had to go do some fellowship interviews and the beard couldn't go with him. It was fun while it lasted.


Jenn and Josh said...

That is so hilarious with the beard growing contest, I am with you though, I like facial hair too, I love it when Josh grows out a go-t (or however you write that) but if Josh would try to grow out a beard it would be weird looking because he will grow hair on his chin and upper lip but not on his cheeks, it is the weirdest thing.. but I am not a mustache fan, so I was cracking up at those funny pictures, kind of creepy...j/k..:)

lynnette orme said...

James--you are sooo hot. It is a good thing you are there, because I would keep touching you. I love a beard. I quess it is an Orme girl thing. Just so you don;t get cocky, Geoff has a great one too--it is gray. Nettie